quality policy

24*7 Reliability

AP Secure command and control team comprising experienced officers constantly monitoring functioning of security personnel and procedures.

Adaptability to Changing Circumstances and Needs * Proactiveness at work

Client Satisfaction

Client satisfaction is a key driver for us. This is ensured by regular, planned monitoring by our Ops team and through written service feedback, which is obtained on regular basis.

This ensures Corrective and preventive action enabling us to serve our clients dedicatedly.

Promotion and Reward Policy

A process driven Performance management signifies management's commitment to recognize, reward and promote direct and indirect staff.

It motivates employees to aspire for advancement opportunities within the organization. It also contributes to employee satisfaction and retention.

Operation Stability

AP Secure is conversant with the culture and working philosphy of MNCs and has fine tuned operations and custom designed the security appratus to meet the best procedural, cultural and ethical guidelines.

Thus we ensure no down-time or loss of functionality, and a quick response to emergent situations.

Rotation of Manpower

To ensure the security personnel do not become too familiar with your staff and considering statutory issues we carry out periodic rotation of all personnel within 6 months. The rotation is planned to ensure that continuity does not suffer.

Smooth Transition

On take over or termination of the contract, AP Secure shall take or hand over all records, documents and equipment issued to it, and withdraw its personnel from the family.

This ensues you will have the assurance of continuous security support at all times.


AP Secure undertakes to maintain all information that we learn about your organization as confidential and not to use it for any purpose other than conducting work for security services to your organization.

Thus you can focus on your business with the confidence that your trade secrets are safe.

Statutory Compliances

To safeguard your interest as the principal employer AP Secure ensures:

Timely payment of wages & benefits through bank accounts.

All personnel covered by ESI & PF and proof submitted every month.

Separate wages registers & ESI/PF callans for all major sites.

Dedicated Compliance Officer.